Our meltblown manufacturing process results in non-woven material consisting of natural or naturally-derived fibers.  The non-woven material is manufactured using a sustainable biopolymer, polylactic acid (PLA). The composition of the PLA non-woven material can be varied to provide the ability to adjust the amount and rate of degradation.  The PLA non-woven roll goods can also be modified with hydrophilic (100% wetting) and hydrophobic materials to vary its ability to absorb or repel moisture without the utilization of any post-processing coating treatments.  Finally, multi-component antimicrobials can be incorporated into the non-woven fibers in such a way that allows for on-demand and controlled release of those antimicrobials, resulting in performance levels that are efficacious and needed for applications ranging from healthcare to packaging.

The roll goods we manufacture are to specific widths and tolerances and can be printed upon using standard methods of digital, flexographic and gravure printing. Additionally, our manufacturing line has the ability to specifically calender (as a function of speed, pressure and temperature) the polylactic acid polymer non-woven material with various formulations in order to allow it to function as a fluid barrier and/or to impart a soft/smooth surface for maintaining product integrity, for a variety of application. Finally, we have manufactured PLA non-woven material that can be heat sealed in a high-speed throughput environment for niche applications as sachets and pouches by our end-customers.

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