Healthcare wipes

In today’s world where there is a growing acute sensitivity to infectious disease pathogens. We are working on PLA based, completely sustainable*, non-woven solutions containing inherent antimicrobial formulations with high levels of performance efficacy for targeted healthcare applications.

Healthcare wipes are single-use surface disinfectants, providing healthcare personnel a tool in reducing the risk of cross-contamination or over-use of a dirty rag. Whether it is for patient bathing, institutional incontinence wipes or surface cleaning, due to concerns about MRSA, influenza and other pathogens, the sterilization of hard surfaces (door knobs, exam tables, etc.) has become paramount. As noted in “The Future of Global Markets for Nonwoven Wipes to 2017” (Smithers Information), “Antibacterial wipes save time and material costs (one wipe with a pre-measured amount of active ingredient replaces multiple, laundered textiles or paper wipes with excess active ingredient).” Clearly the use of wipes saves significant time and labor for healthcare workers and we aim to bring our expertise in PLA nonwoven manufacturing to this marketspace.

Our business expertise is manufacturing PLA antimicrobial non-woven roll goods materials and products, from an established technology platform, that are completely green, sustainable, and  non-cytotoxic with niche chemical properties.  We have expertise in polymer material chemistry, non-woven fiber manufacturing and antimicrobial formulations; our backgrounds are from the manufacturing, advanced materials, healthcare and wound care markets.

We traditionally use ionic antimicrobial technology that is uniquely blended and formulated with other chemistries for controlled release (up to 5-log kill for gram-positive and gram-negative pathogens); it is integrated with the PLA fibers for broad spectrum and robust efficacy of the roll goods for eventual converting by our end-customers.

Everything we do is fully compliant with  FDA and EPA regulations.

At the current time we are working diligently on commercializing a unique, cost-effective and green product solution for this marketspace.

*Manufactured from sustainable biopolymers.