Food service wipes

Food service wipes are mainly employed in cleaning and disinfecting solutions for repetitive cleaning of fast-food and other restaurants. Currently, the market drivers for growth are increased longevity in use with more effective built-in antimicrobials.

As an article in Nonwoven Magazine pointed out, the reduction of foodborne illnesses is a key consideration in the market adoption of foodservice wipes with sanitizing and disinfecting characteristics. We believe, given the mass volume of product consumed in this marketspace, if a nonwoven product that is manufactured from a sustainable biopolymer, derived from complete green sources, such as PLA, is provided to the food service industry at large, not only would we act as ecological stewards of our environment but we would  provide another option.

It is known that many standard non-woven towels are not suitable for surface cleaning because they can bind with sanitizer, preventing effective concentrations of sanitizer solution from reaching surfaces. Hence, working closely with our customers using our in-depth antimicrobial formulation expertise to design a food service wipe product that is specifically targeted for the application at hand with the requisite efficacy.