DryRight™ Tactical Boot Dryer Sheet


Biovation’s DryRight™ Tactical Boot Drying Sheet was funded, developed and tested in collaboration with the United States Marine Corps to help keep Marines performing at their best. The foot health of Marines during training and deploy­ment is one of the primary medical concerns for the force. The lack of proper foot care is a significant contributor to lost combat readiness and keeping boots dry is a basic requirement for the health of the feet.

DryRight™ provides the warfighter, hunter, fisherman or outdoorsman with a product that helps sustain an optimum micro­environment around the foot that is critical to pinnacle performance and long-term comfort. The microenvironment is one of maximum boot dryness in all foot contact areas, (toe, heel, top and sides of the foot), independent of climate and weather conditions and accomplished within 6 to 8 hours. The elimination of wetness in boots, results in reduction of foot blisters and wet socks. Biovation has used its expertise in advanced polymers, non- wovens, super absorbents and multi-component biochemical formulations to create a product that addresses these concerns. DryRight™ has applications in a wide variety of end uses in both the commercial and military markets.


DryRight™ is extremely easy to use. Roll up the product, stuff into the boot all the way to the toe area and then push into the heel area. It does not need to be wringed out or washed.

DryRight™ provides lightweight, portable, and active quick drying performance. It reduces boot odor by absorbing odor within the boot and helps to mitigate fungal and bacterial propagation on the DryRight ™ product. The DryRight™ product is lightweight, highly portable and can be re-used up to 10 to15 times with “recharging” (air drying). The product is manu­factured with greater than 50% bio-content biopolymer materials and is non-hazardous.

The development of DryRight™ would not have been possible without the support of Marine Corps Systems Command in Quantico, Virginia.

Key Features:

  • Active tactical drying tool that provides performance in any environment.
  • Easy to use.
  • Dries boots 8 times faster than air drying.
  • Small, lightweight and packable.
  • Re-useable and effective for a minimum of 5 drying cycles.
  • Antimicrobial and antifungal – completely eliminates boot odor and mitigates fungal and bacterial pathogens on the DryRight™ itself.
  • Sustainable* and non-hazardous.
  • One size fits all.
  • Does not need to be washed.
  • Made in USA and Berry-compliant.

How it works:

Footwear creates a micro-climate around the foot. This microclimate may be affected by outside conditions such as rain or muddy/brackish wa­ter and also by sweat generated from the user, creating wet and hot sur­roundings for the foot. Over time, these condi­tions create an unhealthy environment for the foot, one that encourages the growth of odor- caus­ing fungus and bacterial organisms which can lead to serious health foot is­sues that limit the ability of the user to perform. Drying of the boot de­stroys this unhealthy microclimate and creates an improved environment for the foot which is more comfortable for the user.

  • DryRight™ provides active drying of footwear by combining highly breathable fabrics with super absorbent polymers that are integrated to sustainable* non-woven sheets. These patented material combinations have proven to be effective in USMC field and laboratory testing.
  • The outer fabric layer of DryRight™ has a raised surface that provides multiple touch points that accelerates the absorbent action.
  • The superabsorbent polymers that are incorporated in the product structure grab and hold up to 50%-100% of their weight in liquid. The product structure “re-charges” itself over an 8-hour air exposure period. This results in the ability to use the product 10 to15 times before full saturation is reached.
  • The non-woven sheet material contains integrated carbon and non-leaching ionic antimicrobial and anti-fungal technology which act to reduce odor, fungal and bacterial influxes on the DryRight™ product itself.
  • DryRight™ product is manufactured for robust, repeatable and reliable use.
  • DryRight™ is proudly manufactured in the USA of 100% American-made materials.

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*Manufactured from sustainable products.