Commercial Packaging Material


There is a need in the current marketspace for biodegradable and flexible multicomponent barrier films for packaging applications that are inclusive of products exhibiting excellent O2 and H2O barrier properties. We have been working on advancements in barrier film technology with the added values of sustainability* and antimicrobial efficacy utilizing our PLA meltblown non-woven knowledge-base. At the current time we are involved in significant pilot manufacturing activities evaluating performance metrics.

Our approach is the construction of the multi-layered barrier composite packaging film from polylactic acid imbued with specific chemistries such that it allows said multiple layers of non-woven polylactic acid fibers to be manufactured and calendered affording flexibility and optimization while ensuring the robustness of the meltblown non-woven layers in a unique and differentiated way allowing for printing, sealing and other customer benefits to be realized.

*Manufactured from sustainable biopolymers.