Products Overview

Biovation products leverage three key capabilities:

  1. Meltblown fiber extrusion with secondary processing capabilities (e.g. calendering, slitting, surface tension adjustment )
  2. Specialized chemistry formulations (e.g. antimicrobial for healthcare applications) and compounding
  3. Product development and process engineering

Given the nature of our technology and expertise and the demands established by our customer, all Biovation products are custom products with unique performance characteristics that are customer and application specific.  Depending on application and business requirements, we do supply raw material to specific customers for their own internal final packaging and test.

Biovation products are in three distinct markets:

Specialty Niche Roll Goods and Wipes

  • PLA Non-Woven Roll Goods
  • Personal Wipes
  • Food Service Wipes
  • Sachet Material

Specialty Advanced Material End-Products

  • DryRight™ Boot Dryer Tactical Sheet
  • Sustainable* Commercial Packaging Material
  • Plant Media
  • Organic Fiber Mold Migration

*Manufactured from sustainable materials.

Healthcare Products

  • Specialty Infectious Disease Mitigation
    • Blood Pressure Cuff Shield
  • Advanced Wound Care

All products incorporating our base technology platform of our meltblown non-woven fabric manufactured from a green, sustainable biopolymer, polylactic acid (PLA).

Our platform antimicrobial non-woven technology, utilized within the Healthcare Infection Mitigation, BioArmour™ Blood Pressure Cuff Shield product, can be applied to other antimicrobial/antifungal applications and provided as a roll good.

Our Current Marketed Product Line

BioArmour™ Blood Pressure Cuff Shield

The BioArmour™ Antimicrobial Blood Pressure Cuff Shield is 24 hour, multi-patient use, hygienic barrier designed for ease of use with standard Blood Pressure Cuffs; an innovative solution to the growing issue of pathogenic contamination from the patient to the cuff. Read more…

DryRight™ Tactical Boot Dryer Sheet

Dryright-Boot-Picture-SmallThe DryRight™ Tactical Boot Dryer Sheet provides rapid action drying of footwear, to ensure a sustained optimum micro-environment around the foot that is critical to pinnacle performance and long-term comfort of warfighters, hunters, fishers, and outdoorsmen.
Read more…

PLA Based Roll Goods

rool-goodsWe manufacture non-woven polylactic acid (PLA) based Roll Goods for advanced and niche applications ranging from sachet packaging materials to plant growth media substrate. Read more…

Our BioArmour™ Advanced Wound Care product has reached the end phase in product and process development and is currently pending the regulatory testing and approval of the FDA within the US market. Our ultimate goal for the scalability and marketing of this product is to partner with a global company and provide a unique, differentiated and much needed Advanced Wound Care product for the healthcare markets.