Biovation products serve three distinct markets:

Specialty Niche Roll Goods and Wipes

  • PLA Non-Woven Roll Goods
  • Healthcare Wipes
  • Personal Wipes
  • Food Service Wipes
  • Sachet Material

Specialty Advanced Material End-Products

  • DryRight™ Boot Dryer Tactical Sheet
  • Sustainable* Commercial Packaging Material
  • Plant Media Organic
  • Fiber Mold Mitigation

*Manufactured from sustainable materials.

Healthcare Products

  • Specialty Infectious Disease Mitigation
  • Blood Pressure Cuff Shield
  • Advanced Wound Care

We also have interest and efforts in Organic Fiber Mold Mitigation and Plant Growth Media.

Though at first each of the application areas may seem disparate, they share a major common denominator which is based on core Biovation technology: non-woven fiber, manufactured from sustainable biopolymers, which contains market specific chemistries targeted for scalable, in-demand and niche applications.

With laser focus and commitment to the above market applications Biovation has developed products that will fulfill needs ranging from active footwear drying to the prevention of cross contamination of blood pressure cuffs; all of which incorporate our antimicrobial non-woven fabric platform technology.

The BioArmour™ Antimicrobial Blood Pressure Cuff Shield is a 24 hour, multi-patient use, hygienic barrier designed for ease of use with standard Blood Pressure Cuffs; an innovative solution to the growing issue of pathogenic contamination from the patient to the cuff. Read more…

The DryRight™ Tactical Boot Dryer provides rapid action drying of footwear, to ensure a sustained optimum micro-environment around the foot that is critical to pinnacle performance and long-term comfort of warfighters, hunters, fishers, and outdoorsmen. Read more…

We manufacture non-woven polylactic acid (PLA) based Roll Goods for advanced and niche applications ranging from sachet packaging materials to plant growth media substrate. Read more…

In each of the application areas, we are committed to working with industry leaders to provide working solutions to identifiable and time sensitive needs. Our internal business model relies on creating, nurturing and cultivating long standing relationships with early-adopters in each of the market spaces we have expertise in. We are acutely focused on providing green products into marketspaces where specific solutions are not available or do not exist but the need and purchasing power are in place.

Our advanced wound care dressing, targeted for low to medium exudate, partial and full thickness wounds including decubitus ulcers, diabetic ulcers, 1st and 2nd degree burns is focused on providing healthcare providers an efficacious and cost-effective product to address their needs.

And our niche roll goods are used for applications such as sachet and pouch manufacturing, plant growth media, and other commercial and industrial applications.

To provide solutions in each of the application areas we employ a standard process to garner the information, understand the needs and requirements of the customer and then diligently work towards presenting a roadmap of how together we can attain common goals. Utilizing open and transparent communications, our fundamental purpose is to leverage our expertise and as part of a team, ensure success for all parties.